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When customers visit your ecommerce store, every action they take on your site is collected and stored. With this information, you can gain key intelligence about how your customers interact with your content, and collect valuable data and insights you can turn into initiatives that help your business.

Increase The Amount of Data You Collect

Your online store can collect a wealth of data. Your website can tell you how many people have visited your site and how often, numbers for new visitors and returning visitors, what they searched for, what they bought, how much they bought, over what period of time, and much more. This information allows you to keep track of online buying trends, sales of specific products and product groups, your online store’s margins, and many other reporting metrics. And, when you combine this information with the information you collect through your in-store POS system, you have a wealth of data, updated in real time, that can be exported into a variety of different reports you can use to make informed business decisions.

Build Reports and Use Your Data

Decor Fusion comes with dozens of standard reports you can pull with the click of a button. And, with the software’s custom reporting features, you could create an infinite amount of reports pulling from potentially millions of points of information. The software’s built-in reports include recommended daily reports, as well as reports for purchasing, customer history, accounting, commissions and spiff reporting, sales analysis, specific product or product group performance, and many others. With the data from your reports, you can make decisions about every aspect of your business, including when and how much inventory to purchase, what’s selling in-store vs. online, margins for individual products and product types, and much more.

Features and Benefits

  • Online and In-Store Data Collection
  • Standard Reports Included
  • Recommended Daily Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Customer History Reports
  • Accounting Reports
  • Commission and Spiff Reports
  • Customized Reporting
  • Data Updated in Real-Time
  • Make Informed Business Decisions
  • Make Decisions Quickly
  • Export to Microsoft Excel and PDF
  • Ongoing Support and Training Available

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