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Pricing your products effectively is key to your success. And being able to offer special pricing gives you considerable leverage for negotiating with customers, earning and keeping their business, and rewarding them for shopping with you. Decor Fusion’s integrations connect your in-store POS with your online store, automating the application of special pricing for your customers’ online purchases.

Customize Pricing Levels for Specific Customers

With Decor Fusion, there is no limit to the number of pricing matrixes you can create. Customer pricing can be created based on different price levels by customer type, specific customer, specific product, timeframe, amount of products purchased, and more. This level of customization gives you many options for how to manage your pricing as well as insight and greater control of your margins. And, because your online store integrates with your POS, your special pricing is applied to your customers’ ecommerce store accounts, so any special pricing you have created in your in-store system automatically applies to your customers’ online purchases.

Great Efficiency for You and Your Customers

Automating special pricing through your online store results in greater efficiency for your business. If you’re manually applying special pricing, changing to automated special pricing helps your business reduce errors and save time by not requiring manual calculation for each customer transaction. And, when your customers visit your ecommerce store, they can log in to their account and view what pricing applies to them based on the levels you have set up. Your customers can also look up specific pricing based specific jobs, products, promotions, as well as tax handling information, and more. No need for phone calls or checking records – all of your customers’ important information is available to them with the click of a button.

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Features and Benefits

  • POS and Ecommerce Store Integrations
  • Multiple Special Pricing Options
  • Limitless Price Configurations
  • Negotiating Leverage With Customers
  • Customer Job Pricing
  • Individual Customer Items Pricing
  • Product Group Pricing
  • Margin Control
  • Reward Loyal Customers
  • Automation for In-Store and Online Continuity
  • Ongoing Training and Support

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