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Managing a Paint and Decor store is a challenge.

Decor Fusion Enterprise makes it easier. With a range of features designed to improve efficiencies, manage customers, and sell your products, Decor Fusion Enterprise can help you increase profitability and transform the way you do business.

Decor Fusion Enterprise Features and Benefits

Sales Order Processing

Sales orders are critical for the flow of your business. Decor Fusion Enterprise’s sales order processing feature lets you handle different order flows and product types for an efficient and streamlined approach.

Purchase Order Processing

Fast and accurate purchase order processing helps you deliver for your customers and keeps them coming back. Decor Fusion Enterprise automates purchase order processing, letting you easily manage purchase orders, special orders, and drop shipments, as well as review cost change history, item purchase history, and more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Use the calendar feature to track your calls, see sales reps’ schedules, and record important customer discussions. Quickly and easily review sales histories and account information, and use advanced tools to manage pricing, track jobs, implement credit control and manage collections.

Vendor Electronic Data Interchange

Quickly and automatically exchange information with your vendors. Decor Fusion’s Electronic Data Interchange syncs with your suppliers’ systems for purchase orders, national accounts, product information, as well as special pricing and rebate programs.

Inventory Management

Decor Fusion Enterprise lets you automate your inventory control. Set up all of your store’s inventory information in seconds, and easily track stock levels, create purchase orders, print shelf tags, and more. Improve efficiency by easily importing products files from paint and sundry distributors, and manage sales strategy by creating special prices for retail, contractor and commercial customers.

Reporting and User Queries

Having real-time data helps you make better and more informed business decisions. Decor Fusion Enterprise provides advanced analytical reporting for sales, purchasing, customer behavior, salesperson activities, and more.

Contractor Portal

Decor Fusion Enterprise’s Contractor Portal helps you provide added value for your contractor customers. Through the Contractor Portal, your customers can easily access their invoices, purchase history, account information, and more!


Grow your business by selling online through the Decor Fusion Enterprise Ecommerce feature. The Ecommerce feature lets you sync items in your local store with a central product database for quick setup and maintenance-free operations. Give your customers added convenience by letting them buy from you using their mobile phones, desktop computers or tablets.

Cloud Operation

Decor Fusion Enterprise’s Cloud Operation lets you run your busines virtually from any location. All of your information is stored automatically in the cloud, allowing you to access information and manage your business from Windows desktop computers or mobile tablets.

Implementation and Support

Our team is here to help you succeed! Our implementation Team works with you to set up the software, make hardware recommendations, and train your staff, so you can hit the ground running. Our Support Team is available for phone and email support on an ongoing basis, and can troubleshoot any issue and provide additional training as required.

Easy to Use

Decor Fusion Enterprise software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Employees can be using the software with as little as 15 minutes of training! Our Support Team is always available to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide additional training.

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One of my favorite benefits of Decor Fusion is how easy it is for new users. It’s very intuitive and streamlined, and tailor-made for paint and decorating retail stores. I like how it interfaces with Microsoft Excel and lets me import and export reports. It’s helped make our business more efficient. And I like working with the Decor Fusion Support team – they have a very good support staff. Patrick Smith, President, Regal Paint Centers
Decor Fusion is a rich and robust POS software. The cloud system offers tremendous flexibility. The reporting lets me know what my six stores are up to and lets me get in front of any issues. It’s easy to use, so people with limited knowledge of computers can access an incredible amount of capabilities. And partnerships with manufacturers like Benjamin Moore bring even greater efficiency. Decor Fusion makes my business more efficient and more profitable. David Santora, Owner, Nal’s Paint Center
Decor Fusion makes my business more efficient and profitable. The integrated COLOR®x and Decor Fusion feature considerably reduces human error and the time needed to train new employees. Having purchasing and receivable features in our POS system adds more efficiency. And the ability to forecast sales helps us plan our purchasing so we can earn manufacturer discounts. All of this goes right to our bottom line. Decor Fusion is well worth the investment. Tom Martin, Owner, The Paint Bucket,
Decor Fusion has been great for our business. It’s easy to use, which is very important when running multiple locations. The paint tint and shop online features integrate into our point of sale system and save us a lot of manual work. That’s a big advantage. And the customer service is always helpful – they always pick up, or return calls the same day. Overall, we’re very happy. John McKenna, Owner, The Paint Shoppes,
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How Decor Fusion Saves The Paint Bucket Thousands Each Year

The Paint Bucket uses Decor Fusion to achieve greater efficiencies across a number of areas of its business. Since implementing Decor Fusion, The Paint Bucket has reduced the time required to train new employees, has made more informed and strategic business decisions through the use of advanced analytics, and has used automation to significantly reduced a number of human error-related issues. ...

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