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Manage Your Business From Anywhere

Decor Fusion’s cloud option makes it easy to manage your business remotely. All of your critical business information is automatically stored in the cloud, so no matter where you are in the world, you can log in to your account and review any information pertaining to your business in real-time. Manage your business, get ahead of issues, and serve your customers, all without being onsite.

Get More For Less

The computer technology needed to manage a paint store can be expensive to purchase and maintain. With Decor Fusion’s affordable cloud option, you can break free from the need to continuously manage your server, saving you money, freeing up physical space in your building, and eliminating the need to hire a local IT person to manage your infrastructure. The cloud feature also allows you to access Decor Fusion’s ecommerce option, giving you an additional revenue stream and added convenience for your customers.

Reduce Your Risk

With locally hosted systems, you run the risk of your system crashing and losing your critical business information. With Decor Fusion’s cloud option, all of your information is stored in the cloud, ensuring your information is backed up automatically, and considerably minimizing your risk. Decor Fusion’s cloud offering also includes built-in security features, ensuring your data is safe, and reducing expenses for additional digital security measures.

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Features and Benefits

  • Manage Your Business From Anywhere
  • Greater Device Flexibility
  • Scalable for Multiple Store Locations
  • Reduce IT Costs
  • Added IT Security
  • High Availability and Reliability
  • Advanced Backups with Geo-redundant Storage
  • Manufacturer System Integrations
  • Provides Real-Time Access for Ecommerce

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