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Your customers will often share information with your counter staff that could result in opportunities for your company. However, without a way to capture this information, and provide it to the people who can act on it, you can miss out on opportunities to serve your customers and grow your business.

Your staff are your store’s eyes and ears, and with the Decor Fusion Enterprise POS system’s customer relationship management (CRM) system, your staff can listen for and record key information shared by your customers, allowing you to follow up and create more opportunities for your business.

Know What’s Happening With Your Customers

Using the CRM feature, the Decor Fusion Enterprise system allows your staff to document and record information your customers share in conversation. Examples may include upcoming projects, dissatisfaction with your competitors, interest in new products, and more! By training your staff to listen for this key information and then record it into the CRM, you can become aware of opportunities and direct your sales people to follow up.

Know What’s Happening In Your Business

The CRM’s calendar feature lets you see your sales reps’ schedules, including appointments and results of appointments. You can also quickly and easily schedule recurring appointments and pop-up reminders for follow-ups with customers and suppliers.

Reporting capabilities allow you to set up activity and result codes, giving you detailed insight into the status of every interaction your customers have with your team. You can export your reports to Microsoft Excel and organize your reports by activity and result codes, so you can easily see opportunities according to job type as well as the activities of your salespeople over specified periods of time.

The CRM feature is a powerful tool for outside sales reps as well, and allows them to see detailed profiles of your customers, and information including notes from other staff members, purchasing information, manufacturer preferences, gross margins and more!

CRM Features and Benefits

  • Record Information from Conversations
  • Discover New Opportunities to Grow Your Business
  • Provide Greater Value to Your Customers
  • Empower Your Counter Staff
  • Review Your Staff’s Appointments and Activities
  • Easily Schedule Appointments and Reminders
  • Staff Activity Reports
  • Export Reports to Microsoft Excel
  • Full Access to Sales History, Special Prices and Margin
  • Integrated Analytics Allows Insights into Products and Trends
  • Increase Efficiency and Reduce Human Error
  • Ongoing Support and Training Available

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