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Ecommerce offers unprecedented opportunities for your paint and decor store to grow. In the past, having an ecommerce site was expensive to build, and required considerable expertise and resources to maintain. With Decor Fusion Enterprise, your ecommerce site can be set up and running within minutes. Integrations with Decor Fusion and a database of manufacturers’ products make maintenance easy, ensuring your site is updated in real-time and automatically populated with rich, detailed product information.

Ecommerce Makes it Easier for You to Sell

Your ecommerce store makes it easy for your customers to buy from you using their phone, tablet or computer. Through your online store, customers can quickly and easily search for and review products, see pricing, add products to their cart, make payments, and schedule pick-ups or deliveries. Product information includes descriptions and images, and products can be categorized by department, class, line, brand and manufacturer. Customers can also maintain their own accounts, and review specific pricing, track by jobs, review on-account purchases, and more.

Collect Valuable Information for Your Business

Every interaction your customers have with your ecommerce site is recorded and available to you through a variety of reporting. Data collected through your ecommerce store can help you make decisions about developing coupons and special promotions, let you know how many customers visit and purchase from you in a specific time period, compare how products sell online vs. in-store, and much more.

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Features and Benefits

  • Quick and Easy Set Up
  • Affordable
  • Central Product Database
  • Rich Product Information
  • Maintenance-Free/Automatic Price Updates
  • Real-Time Integration with In-Store POS
  • Integrated House Account Charges and Job Tracking
  • Easy Reordering Based On Historic Online and In-Store Purchases
  • Automatic Customer Order Notifications
  • Added Convenience for Cusotmers
  • Additional Revenue Stream
  • Reach More Customers
  • Sell 24/7
  • Ongoing Support and Training Available

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