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As a paint and decor retailer, one of your biggest tasks is effectively managing your inventory. With so much product coming in and out, you need a system to manage it all, and to provide you a direct line of sight to your key information whenever you need it. Decor Fusion Enterprise offers a range of capabilities to streamline your inventory management, making it easier to keep track of your products and manage your business.

Set Up Special Pricing and Manage Your Margins

The Decor Fusion Enterprise System lets you set up special pricing for your inventory based on a number of factors. Set special pricing by product type, individual product, customer type, individual customer, specific job, and many more. With Decor Fusion Enterprise, you can set up unlimited price levels and develop promotional pricing for specific items and customer types

Manage Many Different Product Types

Your paint and decor store handles many different types of products, and each product type has a different cycle of movement. Managing the buying and selling of paint, wallpaper book orders, special handling of tinted paint, equipment rentals, special order items, and others, each require their own workflow in your POS system. Decor Fusion Enterprise makes it easy by letting you choose how a product behaves. Simply select a product type with a prompt group and you have specific product behavior to match the work flow.

Manage and Plan Your Inventory

Decor Fusion Enterprise’s inventory reports and tracking options give you real-time insight into what’s happening with your inventory. Review sales trends, history and margins to make informed decisions about adding or removing certain projects. Seasonal inventory reports let you see how your inventory has performed year-over-year, helping you plan upcoming purchases so you can take advantage of manufacturer discounts. And you can easily set up warning prompts and system overrides for items selling below margin.

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Features and Benefits

  • Easily Manage Your Inventory
  • Full Range of Special Pricing Options
  • Real-Time Sales and Quantity Updates
  • Advanced Analytical Reporting
  • Plan Your Inventory Levels and Promotions
  • Manufacturer Rebates and SPIFFs
  • Special Order Item Workflow

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